Q. What is the advantage of using your company for transportation services?

Aliso Party Bus is a company that prides itself on the highest quality service imaginable. We take the time to cater to our clients and make sure they get what they paid for. We realize it is a luxury to charter this type of transportation therefore; we make sure they have a majestic interlude filled with magic and relaxation.

Q. How does your pricing compare with other party bus services?

Prices based on distance, destinations, travel, seasons, availability and days of the week. This is the only fair way to determine what your quote is, as it varies so much depending on these particular dates.

Q. Why is there always a 3-hour minimum on certain vehicles?

Our detailing process at Aliso Viejo Party Bus is time consuming. This is very important in providing the highest quality of service imaginable. Our set ups are not of your typical rental we take time to detail each vehicle making it strictly top of the line and pure luxury.

Q. What is the typical gratuity?

In order to avoid any misunderstanding, the gratuity is incorporated within the total charge which is 15-20% of its total.

Q. Will we get a written contract for our transportation services?

Like all services a written contract is necessary to solidify our agreement. A contractual agreement is when you receive a copy of this via fax, mail, or email, you can pick make, model. color, size and number of hours and of course charges.

Q. How much can we expect to pay for wedding transportation?

Wedding arrangements are overwhelming and sometimes we tend to overlook the transportation aspect of it. For tranquility we suggest you list this at the beginning of your list, we estimate the cost to be 1-4% of your budget. This will make an incredible accent to an already exquisite affair.

Q. When will I receive receipt for my payment?

Your will receive prompt receipt service as we accept most major credit cards which insure speedy payment. If you used your credit card as a deposit then your receipt will be sent to you upon payment.